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CHICAGO – A small school gym on the Northwest Side of Chicago came alive Thursday with the sounds of the Emerald Isle.  

The Trinity Irish Dancers are back in full swing for St. Patrick’s Day with show after show Thursday, including one St. Edward Catholic School. 

Michaela Donohue told WGN News she has taught for over a decade at the school. Her involvement with the well-known group spans much longer, however.

“I’ve been involved with the organization for almost 35 years since I was a wee-little dancer myself,” Donohue said.  

One of Donohue’s littlest students is Charlie Truskoski, who explained why she loves Irish dancing.  

“My favorite thing about it is how fun it is to dance in front of the audience,” Charlie said.  

Neither Charlie nor little sister Willa has any problem being in the spotlight.  

“My mom says very good smiles, very good arms and very good clapping,” Charlie said.  

The sound advice from Charlie stems from her mother, Hannah Johnson, who danced as well. Johnson is also a former student of Michaelas.   

“I think it’s such a testament to what Trinity does. It builds a community and Irish dance does that in general but it’s been such a joy to see the full circle experience,” Johnson said.

The excitement is a testament to how deep-rooted and multi-generational Irish culture is in this city. 

“Happy St. Patrick’s Day from all the Trinity Irish Dancers,” Charlie said.