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Parents of Indian Prairies School District 204 filed a lawsuit Friday afternoon in DuPage County Circuit court, alleging that school board members orchestrated a cover-up of COVID-19 planning.

The group of 13 parents said District 204’s Superintendent and board members repeatedly violated the Open Meetings Act, improperly deliberating plans for school re-opening behind closed doors.

“We’re asking in the lawsuit that they change their behavior,” parent Brad Wachter said.

Wachter said there has been a lack of transparency with secret deliberations between board members and Adrian Talley, the district’s Superintendent.

The lawsuit alleges that the board deliberated via e-mail while creating policy, including on the contentious issue of in-person learning.

In-person-learning is currently limited to two partial-days in the west suburban district that includes schools in Naperville, Aurora and Bolingbrook.

Parents favor a full re-opening plan observing safety guidelines, arguing that the board has a duty to discuss the plans in an open forum.

Wachter said he personally filed three Freedom of Information requests to uncover what the lawsuit said is a pattern of secrecy.