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CHICAGO — Two political powerhouses responsible for public safety continued their war of words over a deadly shooting.

After Mayor Lori Lightfoot called out her office for rejecting charges in a fatal West Side shootout, Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx fired back on Tuesday.

“It was inappropriate. It was wrong,” Foxx said. “Discussing the facts of this case in the press without the benefit of all of the evidence does a disservice to the communities who’ve been impacted by this violence.”

Police say the Friday incident began when four people got out of vehicles and shot into a home. The people inside returned gunfire. One person died.

Foxx says in Lightfoot’s criticism of her, the mayor got some facts wrong.

“There were statements made by the mayor regarding evidence in this case that simply weren’t true,” Foxx said. “Our job as lawyers has been co-opted by politics. And so I’m calling it out.”

After Foxx spoke, Mayor Lightfoot responded.

“We have to understand how it’s possible when this kind of shootout is captured on film,” Lightfoot said. “That there were no charges of any person even though people were brought into custody and arrested.”

A former federal prosecutor, Mayor Lightfoot routinely chides the State’s Attorney’s Office and the courts for being too lenient on gun offenders.

“We cannot send a message that it’s ok and you get a pass that you shoot up a residence in broad daylight captured on film and no consequences will happen for you,” Lightfoot said.

But Foxx counters when police have made an arrest and there’s evidence of a crime, she brings charges.

“The people in these neighborhoods are crying out for safety. They are crying out for a plan,” Foxx said. “They are crying out for their elected officials to not be in finger-pointing matches but to be working together collectively to solve these issues.”

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Foxx provided data showing the number of shootings and arrests since she took office to further the discussion.

From Dec. 1, 2016, to July 31 of this year, there were more than 13,374 shootings. Of those cases that 2,447 have resulted in an arrest

“That’s 11,000 shootings in which there’s not been an arrest,” Foxx said.

She adds that it is still possible her office will bring charges in the West Side shootout. In the meantime, Foxx, Lightfoot and CPD are trying to set up a meeting to get on the same page.