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CHICAGO – A Chicago Lyft driver is thankful to be alive after he was carjacked on the South Side earlier this week.

Lamont Liner tears up when he thinks about what happened late Monday night as he picked up a rider in South Shore – on Ridgeland at 71st street.

The Lyft driver says he did everything he was supposed to do to keep himself safe – he even had surveillance cameras rolling in his rental car, but even that couldn’t protect him from being carjacked.

“So two people walked up on my passenger side and asked if I was Lyft and I asked them for the name on the account and they gave me the name on the account,” Liner said. “No sooner than they shut the door then I turned around right at my driver’s door and within a few feet there was a guy with a gun pointed at my head.”

They ordered Liner to get out of his rental car and to hand over his wallet and phone.

“When they took off then I went somewhere I could contact the police,” Liner said.

In the moments after the carjacking, Liner was worried about others.

“I wondered if the person that called was actually the person or is this someone they had done like m, stole their phone and made calls to get Lyft riders or Uber drivers out there and then rob them of everything they have,” Liner said.

Liner said his bank statement shows in the day after the carjacking – his lyft rider account, on that stolen phone, was used a dozen times.

Chicago police said since Lamont’s carjacking – no other rideshare drivers or passengers have reported robberies.

“I’m thankful I’m alive,” Liner said. “I’m thankful I’m still here.”

Lyft issued the following statement.

Safety is fundamental to Lyft, and the incident described is deeply disturbing. We have been in communication with the driver, and continue to offer our support and assistance. We deactivated both the compromised account and the rider’s account. We have been in contact with law enforcement and stand ready to assist in an investigation.