Iconic Washington Park restaurant to hold fundraiser to thank neighborhood

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CHICAGO Nearly 50 years ago, Dylan Reeves’ aunt opened a restaurant that is now ‘Ms. Biscuit.’

In a tumultuous and difficult time, Reeves is making sure that this restaurant has a future.

“I made a commitment to her, you know, on her deathbed and one day when she was in hospice, I said one day we’re going to do something special with this place. We’re going to make it a generational situation that can be passed down from our family from generation to generation,” Reeves said.

A gathering spot that has grown popular among politicians and neighbors for its southern breakfast, financial hardship had forced Ms. Biscuit to close before the pandemic.

“We lost history, we lost culture, we lost conversation. We lost a lot,” Reeves said.

The Reeves family said they’re thankful for the support of the community waiting for them to get back on their feet.

“They’ve been calling and knocking the phones down so I’d like to tell everyone that has been waiting for us to open to come through and support us,” owner Nikia Reeves said.

The family is holding a fundraiser on Saturday, serving free breakfast as a way of saying thank you. Alderman Pat Dowell, who represents the city’s 3rd Ward is among those pitching in.

“I told him I would cook eggs, but whatever he puts me to work to do, we’re just excited we’re going to have an opening here and people come through the door and people are going to get fed,” Dowell said.

Dowell said the restaurant’s success can be a catalyst for Washington Park, and hopes the restaurant can be a big part of the landscape.

As for the Reeves family, they hope it’s just the beginning.

“We’re not going to let the dream die,” Dylan Reeves said.


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