Hundreds march on North Side calling for police accountability

Chicago News

CHICAGO — A large crowd of demonstrators gathered on Chicago’s North Side Friday calling for police accountability.

The group gathered around 5 p.m. at the 19th District Police Station in Wrigleyville. The crowd grew to about 1,000 people as it marched through Wrigleyville and Lakeview.

Participants said while it is a protest of police brutality and in support of Black Live Matters, they also want to gain support for a civilian police oversite board. They said the are supporting C-PAC, Civilian Police Accountability Council. C-PAC would replace the current Civilian Office of Police Accountability and instead calls for an elected board from the 22 police districts who can investigate and fire officers.  

Mayor Lori Lightfoot and others support a different plan which builds on COPA and adds an elected board to work with them.  

C-PAC was first introduced by 35th Ward Alderman Carlos Rameriz Rosa in 2016. He spoke at the rally before the march.

The group is marching to Alderman Tom Tunny’s and Michele Smith’s officers. Both support Lightfoot plan.


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