Homer Glen residents rally to help those nearby in need

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HOMER GLEN, Ill. — An outpouring of generosity in Homer Glen is helping local families in need, with this mission of generosity beginning long before the season of giving.

Near the end of the summer, Village Clerk Christina Neitzke-Troike got wind of a mother with three children in desperate need of help.

“I didn’t have a place to live, I was homeless and we were staying in a battered women’s shelter,” the woman said.

The woman does not want to be identified, but with her permission, Neitzke-Troike put out a plea on Facebook. The response was overwhelming.

“I had to literally bring out a notebook and pen for all the people willing to help,” Neitzke-Troike said.

It wasn’t long before the family had a new lease with several months of rent paid.

“They offered refrigerators, quarter for laundry, they offered anything and everything,” Neitzke-Troike said.

The generosity changed everything for the family.

“It’s kind of emotional, just thinking where I was two or three months ago and now, it’s like we have so much and I have her to thank for because without her, I don’t know where we would be right now,” the mother said.

As time went on, more families in need came forward looking for help, with more and more people stepping in to assist.

“As long as there is a need, we’re going to continue to get those needs met,” Neitzke-Troike said.

Businesses and residents have pulled together to help nine other local families, with a volunteer opening her home to store the donations.

As for the mother of three, she received a Christmas tree and gifts to put underneath it, and she said her kids are thrilled about the holidays.

“We were just in a bad situation before, but now my kids are at peace and they an finally enjoy themselves in their own space and that’s the most important thing,” the mother said.

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