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CHICAGO – Massive snowfall throughout the Chicago region is taking its toll on some area buildings.

In Elgin, a banquet hall was unoccupied when its snowy roof caved in early Monday. It was the second building collapse in the western suburb in a week. In Morton Grove, an equestrian center took the brunt of old man winters latest punch.

In Glen Ellyn, a roofing crew is working to prevent roof collapses from happening. By scraping roofs before its too late, FTC Oury Group remains plenty busy.

“We are addressing the ice damning that many people are faced up against right now,” said Nick Torresso.

In recent days, heavy snowfall is proving too much on area roofs, with the latest incidents occurring at 88th and Chicago on the city’s southside and 76th and Ridgeland.

According to Chicago Fire, the failed buildings so far are mostly structures nearing or over 100 years old, vacant or abandoned.

In response to roof failures, officials offered some advice.

“Do not go up on roofs to clear snow,” said Matthew Beaudet, the city’s building commissioner. “Let nature take its course and melt naturally.”

Back in Glen Ellyn, Torresso and Dakota Fara agree.

“It’s imperative you catch this before the ice sets in,” Fara said.

They also remind locals to not get snookered by unscrupulous contractors!

“We have a leak. We may need a new roof and that’s not the case nine times out of 10, so don’t be fooled,” Nick Torresso said.

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