CHICAGO —  Organized groups representing Chicago’s Black and Brown communities rallied in front of city hall Thursday morning.

The groups are trying to keep any question on the city’s sanctuary status off the ballot. They say it further divides an already segregated city.

Earier this week, some city leaders pushed for voters to weigh-in on if Chicago should continue to be a sanctuary city. It was non-binding but would give leaders a good idea of how people felt on the subject, and people have some very strong feelings.

Instead of discussing Chicago’s migrant crisis and sanctuary city status inside city hall Thursday morning, dozens rallied outside with a clear message.

Organizers from several community groups representing Black and Brown communities wanted to show they are united in defeating any attempt to put Chicago’s welcoming ordinance up for a vote, non-binding or not.

Tuesday’s meeting to discuss the ballot question quickly turned into chaos with at least one person being detained by police and the meeting being postponed.

Communities Against Deportations’ Antonio Guiterrez says he was the man detained.

The ballot question was supposed to come again Thursday, but that meeting has been cancelled. No word yet on when it will be rescheduled.