CHICAGO — A group of Illinoisans gathered at the Thompson Center Tuesday to protest a settlement with Herbalife that they say hasn’t made it back to them.

The group — led by Pastor Julie Contreras of United Giving Hope — delivered a letter to the office of current Illinois State Attorney General Kwame Raoul asking for disbursement of the funds.

A $3 million settlement was reached back in 2016 for people in Illinois that were negatively impacted financially by Herbalife.

Former state attorney general Lisa Madigan said the $3 million settlement was issued as a measure to resolve numerous complaints about the company’s false and misleading marketing scheme, which in the same year, was a part of a nationwide Federal Trade Commission settlement of $200 million involving Herbalife.

Seven years later, victims said they still have yet to see restitution from the lawsuit.

“Before we could begin Illinois’ restitution process, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) had to first complete its own restitution process, which ended in early 2020,” Raoul’s office said in a response statement. “While this has taken longer than originally anticipated, we remain committed to ensuring consumers who were victims of Herbalife’s multilevel marketing scheme receive financial restitution.”

Organizers said they believe there are about 500 people statewide who are waiting on restitution from the settlement.