CHICAGO — A west side high school is taking the old “student store” to a whole new level.

Michele Clark Magnet High School students pack in a former storage closet to check out the goods now available in their new student store.

But, what you won’t find is a cash register. To get your hands on these items you need good grades or good deeds.

“We try to take a concept we’ve had around forever in education and think what can we do to make it tantalizing?” Charles Williams, Assistant Principal, Michele Clark Magnet High School, said. “This, if I were a student I’d want to figure out how to get some of these? So it’s working.”

The store, which opened last week, runs on a point system. Where grades, attendance, and behavior translate into fresh market currency.

“If they want some new style shoes, they’re gonna work hard in school, get all their grades in, and get up in here,” Jacori Johnson, a student at Michele Clark Magnet High School, said.

Principal Charles Anderson believe it’s all part of teaching these kids to be not just good students, but good humans.

“We want them to think about how I help my community? How do I help my neighbors, help others so we want them to leave with that civic responsibility,” Anderson said.

All acts of kindness are reported and then tabulated by staff online.

Everything on these shelves is donated by former Chicago Public School student, Joe “Freshgoods” Robinson and the Chicago Blackhawks.

Starting this week, students can cash in their points for kicks or tees.

Principal Anderson acknowledges it’s about stuff now, but believes the real reward is selling these kids on the value of kindness, and can think of no greater testament that empty shelves come spring.