CHICAGO — With large dogs having to wait months to get adopted, The Anti-Cruelty Society is waiving fees for furry friends over 30 pounds.

The “Go Big And Go Home’ event begins on Saturday and runs through April 8. They have 45 dogs available at their main shelter, located at 510 N. LaSalle St., and their PetSmart shelter, located at 1101 S. Canal St.

Back in December, WGN News spoke with the Anti-Cruelty Society and they described a “firehouse” situation with about double the amount of in-take requests compared to adoptions.

“It’s been a wild few months,” spokesperson Lydia Krupinski said. “We have seen some relief the last couple of weeks, but overall the trend has continued.”

For puppies and small dogs, they are typically in and out. For bigger dogs though, the situation has led to chronic overcrowding.

“A large dog’s average length of stay is 88 days and we don’t have time limits,” Krupinski said. “But we know the faster they get out of here, the better for them.”

One of the adoptable dogs, Roxy

For those who may feel bad about spending time with a dog and then leaving, Krupinski said not to worry.

“That pressure is normal but they are just happy to see you and be out of the kennel — social interaction is the goal,” she said. “The right person will come around and you made that dog’s day by spending time with them.”

Anyone who is considering a bigger dog can take advantage of two Anti-Cruelty Society programs. Their “Dog Day Out” program allows you to take an adoptable dog out for a day to spend time with them.

The Anti-Cruelty Society also runs a foster program where you can foster a dog for a week trial.

To view the 45 adoptable dogs over 30 lbs., click here and use the filters “medium, large or extra large.”