CHICAGO — Garrett Popcorn celebrated National Popcorn Day by opening up their first Midway Airport location.

The new shop, located in the Central Market, is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily and serves Garrett Popcorn fan-favorites like Garrett Mix, CheeseCorn, CaramelCrisp and a variety of Nut CaramelCrisp recipes, in addition to classics like Buttery and Plain.

“The opening of Midway’s first Garrett Popcorn Shop is the latest step in the Midway Modernization Program’s concessions redevelopment,” CDA Commissioner Jamie Rhee said.

The storefront features a giant Garrett Popcorn tin in front of a mural of the Chicago skyline.

The location employs 15 people. Special tins featuring the Chicago skyline and teams like the Cubs, White Sox, Blackhawks and Bears are available.