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CHICAGO  — Friends and family of Inaki Bascaran gathered outside his Lakeview apartment Wednesday night to pray for his safe return.

The 23-year-old University of Illinois graduate hasn’t been seen since late Saturday night when he went out with friends to a bar in River North. One of his roommates said Bascaran FaceTimed him after midnight Sunday, telling his roommate he was near a Walgreens and coming home, but he never arrived.

Friends say Bascaran’s phone died and believe he may have attempted to walk the five miles home.

“It’s amazing to see the friendship. It’s amazing to see the support. We are eternally grateful for this,” Jose Bascaran said. “The police is working 24 hours, 24/7 on this case.”

The family has also hired private detectives, and friends are using social media for clues.

“We’ve had tips coming in left and right. I’m currently running the Instagram account and the DMs you know are completely full of really helpful information,” said friend Kayli Fradin. “Everything’s been sent immediately to the private investigator.”

In addition to tips, the family is also asking people to share what they love most about Inaki.

“Our little quarantine tradition was to go in the basement and just watch the office every single night,” said Inaki’s sister Arantza Bascaran. “It was just the best thing ever being with my brother.”

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Reflecting on their memories, the family shared a Thanksgiving story about when roast beef was served instead of turkey.

“Suddenly he goes where is the turkey? And it’s like ‘Inaki, there is no turkey,” Jose Bascaran said.

‘Oh my god, how come there’s no turkey?” Inaki replied.

‘He made a tantrum, this is impossible, and he did this – this is the worst Thanksgiving of my life. The worst Thanksgiving ever, ever, you know and that was the biggest joke after that,” Jose Bascaran said.

The family hopes there will be many more memories to make together soon.

“We are ready for you to come home my love,” Inaki’s mom, Lucia Garcia, said.

“Ready for you this Thanksgiving so you can have not the worst Thanksgiving ever but the best Thanksgiving ever,” Jose Bascaran said.

“And with the best turkey,” his wife added.