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CHICAGO — The effort to get more Chicagoans vaccinated continues in West Town Tuesday.

Health care providers have teamed up with the food service industry to encourage restaurant workers to get their COVID-19 vaccinations.

From serving 80,000 free meals to unemployed restaurant workers at the height of the pandemic, to vaccinating their employees. The Fifty/50 Restaurant Group says a safe work environment is crucial.

“I also have a child who is 6-months old and I know I’m going to feel better bringing him to a restaurant where I know all the employees are vaccinated,” said Scott Weiner, employee at The Fifty/50.

Bartender Marco Montaguano says he’s urging fellow restaurant workers to get vaccinated.

“I’m going to say again, it’s not only for me. It’s for my community to be safe,” said Montaguano.

The non-profit Humboldt Park Health is providing 1,000 free shots Tuesday at 1916 W. Chicago Avenue for restaurant employees — or anyone in the community.

The Fifty/50 Group is taking what some might consider to be a controversial decision, and making it mandatory; for it’s 750 employees in 14 Chicago restaurants to be fully vaccinated by July 15 — if they want to keep working.

The issue of whether or not companies can require COVID-19 vaccinations is not yet fully resolved.

For more information contact Humboldt Park Health at: (312) 824-6786

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