Floods in Hinsdale leave homeowners concerned over responsibility for damages

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HINSDALE, Ill. — After several homes were damaged from flooding in June, a group of homeowners in Hinsdale are saying no one has owned up to the mishap which has caused thousands of dollars in damages.

Many residents are placing the blame on construction crews with lead contractor Walsh Construction near I-294.

Resident Scott Nelson said the June flooding was the worst he has seen in 22 years of living in the area, showing the before and after pictures from the 700 block of Phillapa Street.

Nelson and dozens of homeowners paid substantial out-of-pocket expenses for flood damaged caused by what they believe is the nearby construction on the Tri-State Tollway2.

Village Board President Tom Cauley, Jr. agreed with homeowners that it shouldn’t be their burden to determine who is responsible for the high cost in damages.

“The residents shouldn’t have to go around trying to figure out who caused this problem. If it’s not the Tollway, it should be the village,” Cauley, Jr. said.

Homeowner John Bloomfield voiced his frustration with the process, joining others in the consensus that the Tollway expansion has inadvertently caused the massive flooding.

Representatives of the Illinois Tollway Authority expressed frustration with the amount of time the process of finding out who is responsible is taking, urging to reduce the burden on village residents.

“Prior to taking action, the Tollway has an obligation to exercise all due diligence necessary to ensure that accountability for this matter resides in the proper place and nothing is off the table at this point,” a statement said.

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