Feel Good Friday: Helping those in need, dad jokes and more

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This is WGN’s Erin Ivory’s Friday Feel Good round up. It starts with feeding those in need.

On Sunday, CPS announced that they could not distribute the grab and go meals due to rioting concerns in the city. On Monday, that’s when Chicago’s Social Works group https://www.socialworkschi.org and dozens of volunteers stepped in.


Park Ridge high schooler Diane Tuebo, 16, is using her Zoom account to read to young kids. She calls it “Literacy Connections.”

Every day she spends a half hour with each child, reading books to them and having them read their favorites back to her. She does every session for free. Her motivation? The sweet smiles on the screen.


Some District 34 teachers drove to each of their student’s house this week to personally wish them a great summer. These are our daughters who were overjoyed to see their teachers for the first time since schools went on lockdown.

Ms. Kaptan wrote out the names of every student in each class with tape on the side of her car just to let them know how special they are right up to the last day of the school year. 


And finally, we end with a smile — compliments of an Edgewater dad who has been taping dad jokes to their garden apartment window every day for over a month now.

Yair Berstein is a father to two young children and also a teacher at a Lakeview middle school.

He admits the jokes are hokey, but he’s not about to turn it around. If one person sees it and walks away with a smile…he calls it a success. 


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