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CHICAGO — A 71-year-old man was killed in a hit-and-run in Humboldt Park, across the street from where he worked. Now, his family is left searching for answers.

It’s been nearly one week since 71-year-old Marcelino Lozano was on his way to work at Menards when he was killed in a car crash around 5 a.m. Saturday morning.

Lonzano was driving through the intersection of Kolmar and North Avenue, when another car came crashing into his.

Police say the driver of the Mitsubishi that hit him, got out and ran from the scene.

“They left my father to die there with no remorse at all,” Lozano’s daughter Ginett Delgado said. “Not even calling 911, they left him there, that made me so angry.”

Family members say they’re working closely with Chicago Police Department to find answers.

There are cameras in the area – they have the car – but still no suspect.

“They took my father’s life and I just want justice, I was justice for my father,” Delgado said.

As the family gets ready to say their final farewells, they’re urging people to speak up in support of their father.

Anyone with information regarding this incident are asked to contact the Chicago Police Department.

Lozano’s family also set up a go fund me account to help cover the cost of funeral expenses. Click here for access to the GoFundMe page.