CHICAGO — A rally was held Tuesday for an 11-year-old girl who was severely injured in an alleged hate crime attack in the city’s North Lawndale neighborhood.

Trinity Washington and her mother said she was attacked on Sept. 17 outside their home on the 1900 block of South Spaulding Avenue. Trinity said her neighbor’s sister was out, intoxicated, celebrating Mexican Independence Day. 

“I didn’t know I’d experience this,” Trinity said.

Trinity was with her Yorkie puppy when she said the female called her a racial slur and stepped on the dog. The 11-year-old said the female hit her in the eye with a bottle and her neighbor punched her in the nose — breaking it. 

The injuries were severe enough that emergency plastic surgery needed to be performed on Trinity’s face.

“All I wanted to do was be with my family and now I have to go through surgery to surgery to surgery,” she said.

Trinity’s mother, Wanda Porter, says her children don’t feel safe.

“She isn’t sleeping. My son isn’t sleeping. This is not okay,” Porter said.

The police response, supporters say, was also unacceptably long. 

“Twenty-eight minutes? That’s extensive if somebody pulls a gun out on you. You’d be dead,” said Kiisha Smith, with the 10th police district elected counsel.

Smith is calling on the Chicago Police Department to arrest both women accused in this attack — and for the state’s attorney to upgrade charges against them.  

Trinity’s family and the police council are also calling for charges against the neighbor’s boyfriend, who they add threatened Trinity‘s mom with a gun for speaking out about what happened.

“Trinity had a high spirit. Her spirit is broken,” Porter said. “My house hasn’t been the same since this happened. I have nothing left in my cup. I’m drained. I’m hurt. I’m sick. I want justice for her.”