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PALATINE, Ill. — A suspected coyote attack left a northwest suburban family mourning the loss of their beloved dog Monday. 

Jayda Greiwe said she believes a coyote climbed a 6-foot fence before mauling their dog Chili on Sunday. 

“He probably just came in, there’s a couple footprints out there,”  Greiwe said. “It got him right in the throat… I was in complete shock.”

It’s the second suspected coyote attack on a dog in Palatine in the last month. Police have been responding to a number of reports of coyotes in residential areas for several weeks now.  

Greiwe said her family adopted Chili, their fourth dog, about a year ago but still considered him a “member of our family.“ 

“It was very hard for him to breathe at that point; we took him right to the vet so we unfortunately did have to put him down,” Greiwe said. “It was very hard to see him go.”

Animal Control patrolled the wooded subdivisions of Palatine Monday, while local police noted nearly 15 coyote sightings since last October. Just last month, a coyote dragged a small dog from its leash and killed it.  

“Reports involving coyotes attacking pets are rare occurrences in Palatine, there have been numerous coyote sightings in the area. Pet owners must stay vigilant,” police said in a statement.

This is the second time the Greiwe family has lost a dog in a coyote attack. They put up that six-foot fence in response to the first one.  

Police say the fence is a good defense, but also remind people not to leave gates open, not to leave food out, and not to leave pets unattended outdoors.  

“In my neighborhood everyone I know has a dog; they’re keeping an eye out on their dogs,” she said.