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CHICAGO — The family of a 40-year-old Chicago woman missing since last November is asking anyone with information regarding her disappearance to step forward.

Loved ones described Sheena Gibbs, who grew up in rural Iowa and later moved to Chicago two decades ago, as a person who valued helping others, dedicating time as a social justice activist. 

“Sheena is a go-getter,” Lela Tarver, Gibbs’ aunt, told WGN News. “She’s very strong-willed and positive.” 
The former home health aide most recently worked at the University of Illinois Chicago, performing Covid test scheduling.

Gibbs’ family says the cancer survivor has been missing for more than two months. 

“Her mother, it’s heartbreaking to have her constantly asking me, ‘have you talked to Sheena? Have you heard from Sheena?'” Tarver said.
According to Tarver, she last heard from her niece on Nov. 3. Gibbs was supposed to drive to Davenport, Iowa to see her mother, who was in the hospital but never arrived. 
“We kept calling and calling and no response,” Tarver said.
Gibbs, who lives in Rogers Park, was last seen near Greenleaf and Sheridan. Chicago police have now classified Gibbs’ disappearance as a “high risk” missing persons case, meaning the circumstances of her disappearance indicate she may be at risk of injury or death. 
“Some of the things that go through my mind, I don’t even want to speak out loud because I just want to hope and pray that she’s safe somewhere,” Tarver said. 

Tarver says police could not track her niece’s cell phone because the device was turned off. Authorities describe Gibbs as standing 5-foot-9-inches, weighing 180 pounds, with black shoulder-length hair and

Family members hope anyone with information regarding the disappearance of Gibbs will contact the authorities. Anyone with information can leave an anonymous tip at
“I think there may be that one needle in a haystack that can come forward with information,” Tarver said. “I believe someone has seen her and can say we saw her at this location or something she just did not just fall off the radar.”