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CHICAGO — A Chicago family impacted by gun violence departed for Washington D.C Sunday to meet with President Joe Biden.

Pam Bosley and her son Trey will be at the White House Monday to mark the new gun safety law Biden signed two weeks ago.

Trey Mosley and his mother Pam Mosley.

Congress passed the measure after the school shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.
Bosley’s son Terrell was killed in April of 2006 while outside a church.

“We’ve been fighting on the ground so after 30 years now to have a bipartisan bill past it’s a long time, 30 years,” Bosley said. “It’s s small step. We have a long ways to go but it’s worth the celebration.”

The Bosleys are among the many families impacted by gun violence from around the country, invited to the White House to celebrate the new law and call for more action.