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CHICAGO – While announcing hundreds of federal agents will be deploying to Chicago, President Trump focused on recent victims of gun violence in the city during an address on Wednesday.

13-year-old Amaria Jones’ family has dreams about her and wake up crying because she isn’t there.

Jones was killed when a stray bullet came through the window of her Austin home and hit her in the neck while she was with her family.

President Trump acknowledged the little girl who’s death still breaks her family’s heart.

“For her to be 13. I think that hurts the most. She hasn’t even lived life,” President Trump said. If I would ask my sister today what is life. She couldn’t have defined it. Now that she’s gone and you ask me ‘what’s, what’s life?’ I can’t define it.”

Her sister, Mercedes Jones, still has no closure. At times, feeling hopeless everytime she hears another person or child has been shot in the streets of Chicago.

“What have we come to? All this killing. What is it helping?” she said.

President Trump’s “Operation Legend” will send more than 200 federal agents to fight crime in Chicago doesn’t sit well with some residents, but for the family of Amaria Jones, they welcome it.

“Nope. After what happened to my sister, not one,” Jones said. “Nope, not at all.”

Pastor Ira Acree fears more innocent lives will be taken if something doesn’t change.

“We keep running in a ditch,” he said. “We not getting it right. We got to do something different.”

Mercedes Jones said she will continue to speak out against gun violence. She feels it’s what her sister would have wanted her to do.

Police are looking for silver Infiniti G35 or G37, 2 door, with no front license plate and tinted windows in regards to her murder. CPD believes the suspect fled in the sedan from the west Alley of Leclaire Avenue towards Thomas Street.

If you have information, you can leave an anonymous tip at