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CHICAGO Family members of Anthony Alvarez, the 22-year-old man shot and killed by police earlier this year while running away with a gun in his hand, joined organizers in demanding justice.

Organizers said Saturday that they believe the investigation into what they call an unjustified shooting has not been transparent.

The event began with a vigil at the intersection of Irving Park Road and Central Avenue, with a march and call for justice following shortly afterwards.

“The officer had numerous complaints. He should not ever be on the streets…They can’t tell the family why they stopped him or was chasing him. It seems like a senseless killing,” Dr. Iashawn Littice of Black Lives Matter/Women of Faith said.

Police said Alvarez was running away from officers with a gun in his hand when an officer shot and killed him during a foot chase in Portage Park.

Chicago’s Civilian Office of Police Accountability released video footage from the shooting on Wednesday as authorities have offered very few details as to what preceded the foot pursuit of Alvarez.

During the event Saturday, several organizers also called for Mayor Lori Lightfoot to resign, with many feeling she is indifferent to the community she serves.

“You are not protecting us. You clearly have your own personal interest that serve you and that’s who you are giving resources to. This is who you are protecting,” organizer Elizabeth Gallegos said.