CHICAGO — Two brothers exonerated after being convicted of murder will have to wait a little longer before being declared officially innocent.

Both were allegedly victims of police torture under former Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge.

It’s still not clear why the judge in this case postponed this until later this week. Only sharing she needs more time to research one more thing.

What’s clear is that the Henderson brothers, Sean Tyler and Reginald Henderson, are ready to move forward. 

The brothers were just 17 and 18-years-old when they were convicted in a 1994 murder. 

Their confessions, they contend, coerced by detectives working under notorious former CPD commander Jon Burge. They were both exonerated and freed in 2021.

But their petition to completely clear their names with a Certificate of Innocence (COI).

A Certificate of Innocence has been held up over the objection of Cook county states attorney Kim Foxx and her office.

“I have no idea why the state believes that Sean and Reginald are innocent enough to have their convictions vacated, but not innocent enough to have a certificate of innocence,” Karl Leonard with The Exoneration Project said.

The Henderson brothers, now in their mid-40s, want closure and their records clear. 

Reginald earned his college degree behind bars. Tyler has a clothing line, wrote six books and is looking for a publisher. He keeps a locket of their mom around his neck. 

After nearly three decades, they will have to wait three more days.

WGN-TV reached out to the county states attorneys office asking about their objection in this case. They said they cannot comment because it is pending litigation.