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CHICAGO — In an area that is already viewed as a food desert, a grocery story on the City’s South Side is set to close Sunday.

The Whole Foods supermarket in Englewood is one of two grocery store chains serving the neighborhood and once it is gone, Aldi’s on West 63rd Street will be the lone grocer available in the area.

The store opened its doors back in 2016 with the promise of jobs and healthy food for people who live there. Now with its closing imminent, many feel the shuttering of the business is a major loss for the community.

“I’m going to miss it, this was my little lunch spot,” said Lee Wilson, a shopper at the Whole Foods in Englewood. “I came here for lunch everyday.”

If Englewood residents want to shop at a supermarket or full-service grocery store besides Aldi’s, they will have to travel to the Jewel Osco in Woodlawn, or the Walmart and Jewel Osco near Princeton Park.

“A lot of people don’t have cars to make their way to Ashland,” said Tina Lawson, a local who doesn’t shop at Whole Foods. “They got to catch the bus, then come back home with groceries on the bus, it’s too much.”

While it is currently unclear what will be done with the building after Whole Foods leaves, residents still want another full-service grocer to come in and bridge the gap to make up for the loss.

“We need a Trader Joe’s over here, we should have a Trader Joe’s in this area,” said Juanita Wilson, a shopper at Whole Foods.

“Yeah, a Jewel [Osco] or a Food 4 Less, something that’s reasonable where everybody can shop and eat,” Lawson said.