CHICAGO — Community groups are joining forces to help migrants arriving in the Chicago area.

Thursday marks the end of coronavirus restrictions on asylum that have allowed the U.S. to quickly expel migrants at the southern border for the last three years.

The end of Title 42’s use has raised questions about what will happen with migration at the U.S.-Mexico border. The Biden administration is preparing for an increase in migrants.

There are currently 3,200 migrants in shelters and respite sites across the city. For weeks, migrants have been sleeping on Chicago police station floors.

According to Block Club Chicago, Ald. Raymond Lopez is looking to take an empty building in the Pilsen neighborhood and create a place of shelter for the migrants, while trying to clear some of the police stations.

A move that could relieve some of the stress volunteers are facing.

“One of the hotdog stands, Joey’s Hot Dogs, stepped up with a number of sandwiches for people. I do believe that Chicagoans understand what it means to be a sanctuary city. I think there are other people who will step up,” said volunteer, Bill Figel.

No word yet on when the shelter will open.

There is a rally scheduled Thursday in the city’s South Shore neighborhood as people from that community have filed an injunction and lawsuit about migrants being housed in the old South Shore school.