CHICAGO — Two women are recovering after suffering gunshot wounds during a White Sox game on Friday night. 

According to police, a 42-year-old woman was taken to the hospital after she was shot in the leg and a 26-year-old woman refused medical treatment after she suffered a graze wound during the game against the Oakland A’s.

Several fans, who began lining up outside of Guaranteed Rate Field ahead of Saturday’s game, said they weren’t worried about their safety inside the ballpark.

“You think about it and that’s one incident and hopefully it won’t happen again. So we are okay with it just be safe,” said Johnny Thierry.

Video shared by the team shows the moment the woman in the stands grabs her leg before standing up and calling for help.

Dr. Jeanne Farnan says she was in the same area as the victim when she heard someone call for help for the 42-year-old woman who was bleeding.

“There was an obvious entry wound to her thigh it was a very obvious gunshot wound to her thigh,” Dr. Farnan said.

Farnan said she then helped a man who was already applying pressure to the woman’s wound.

“By the time the EMT got there, another woman down to the right said ‘This woman is hurt down here as well,’ so when I went to check that woman out,” said Farnan. “I left the first patient with the EMT and I went down to the second woman who lifted up her shirt to show me what looked like a burn.”

The 26-year-old woman was grazed by the bullet, which was found by another fan in the stands and handed off to Dr. Farnan, who then gave it to the authorities.

Dr. Farnan said the woman who was shot told her that she heard what sounded like a glass bottle break before she felt pain in her leg.

According to a spokesman for the White Sox, the women were injured around the fourth inning of the game. Chicago Police said there was no active threat and the game continued.

White Sox security says the incident did not involve an altercation, but several unanswered questions remain after Friday’s incident.

“It’s not clear where the bullet came from. There are no reports of any gunshots in our ballpark so CPD continues to investigate and they will let us know,” Scott Reifert, vice president of communications for the Chicago White Sox, said.

According to White Sox manager Pedro Grifol, the team did not find out about what happened until after the game.

“If they felt we were in danger then they probably would have let us know prior too, but like I said, we never felt threatened,” Grifol said.

Police say the woman who suffered the gunshot wound was able to walk away from the stand with help before being taken to the hospital.

Officers say it is still unclear where the bullet came from and the investigation is ongoing.