CHICAGO — Dozens of vendors who lost the right to sell their goods at the Little Village Discount Mall will be able to reopen at a new location at 51st and Kedzie.

The vendors were first notified in February that they had a little more than one month to pack up their shops and move out of the mall. However they did not go quietly, instead choosing to try and delay the eviction with the help of local leaders.

Just days before the scheduled eviction date of March 26 the group collectively petitioned a judge for an emergency injunction to stop the eviction. On March 24 the judge denied the petition.

At the time, 25th Ward Alderman Byron Sigcho-Lopez had said they were working to secure another location for the vendors, though he would not state where.

Friday, Sigcho-Lopez gathered with a group of vendors to announce they were in the process of officially securing space at the former K-Mart on the northwest corner of 51st and Kedzie. Though a timeline was not given, Sigcho-Lopez stated he hopes to have the process complete prior to May 15 when the new mayoral administration is sworn in.