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CHICAGO — DePaul University student journalists said university employees got rid of a number of newspapers after a recent article about the university’s budget woes.

The university’s student paper, The DePaulia, comes out every Monday. But when it hit papers stands around campus last week, student journalists said the paper came off the stands in a way they weren’t prepared for.

The front-page story on April 10’s paper put the spotlight on the university’s $56.5 million budget gap for the 2024 fiscal year.

Shortly after the story went public, DePaulia’s Editor-in-Chief Nadia Carolina Hernandez said one of her editors reached out and said they saw DePaul employees on the Lincoln Park campus taking papers from the stands and putting them in a recycling bin.

“We’re just getting a bunch of other reports of front pages being ripped off of the paper and left in the stands completely empty,” Carolina Hernandez said.

Nadia said she got similar reports throughout the week. She reached out to the university’s public safety department asking to see video from the sites where the papers were allegedly taken from.

“As a student journalist, I’m going to ask questions,” Carolina Hernandez said. “I’m going to ask them if we can see that video and we have not been able to get that request fulfilled.

A spokesperson for the university said administrators from around the university contacts their staff and no evidence was found of this occurring.

“In addition, DePaul Public Safety has reviewed security video from several locations on both the Loop and Lincoln Park campuses and found no evidence of any papers being discarded or destroyed,” the statement from the university read.

The university confirmed the $56.5 million budget gap for the fiscal year 2024 and said six term faculty won’t be reappointed for the 2023-24 academic year.

The university also said the DePaulia staff is welcome to set up a time to review the security video to confirm what DePaul Public Safety saw in their viewing.