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CHICAGO — A Door Dash driver is speaking out after his car was stolen in broad daylight on the North Side.

The man said because he was using his own vehicle for deliveries, it counted as a business purpose rather than a person one — so he’s been left on the hook to fix thousands in damage.

Dogukan Tasti was dropping off a door dash delivery in Bucktown on Wilmot Street about two weeks ago. Then, things went terribly wrong.

Doorbell footage shows the theft being worked in tandem with another car and at least one other suspect.

“I was in shock,” Tasti said.

His Honda Accord was recovered on the West Side in less than 24 hours. Police said whoever took it crashed it and left it severely damaged in the 700 block of North Cicero. He was told the damages will cost around $10,000 to fix.

Tasti said Door Dash told him they won’t help and neither will his insurance.

It’s a story attorney Bryant Greening has heard all too many times — saying rideshare and delivery drivers often do not realize their liability until it’s too late.

“Unfortunately, we see this all of the time,” Greening said.

Greening said as a gig worker, getting an extra policy as a layer of protection is well worth it.

“The safety of our community is our top priority, and we share Chicagoans concerns about an increase in car theft and carjackings. The crime committed against Mr. Tasti is horrible and we hope the perpetrator is held accountable. We’ve reached out to Mr. Tasti to offer our support and stand ready to assist law enforcement with their investigation,” Door Dash said in a statement.

His insurance, Travellers Insurance, has not responded to a request for comment. He has started a GoFundMe because he said he doesn’t have the money to fix his car.