Chicago — In the sealed-off Gaza Strip, Palestinian suffering mounted as Israeli bombardment demolished neighborhoods and the only power plant ran out of fuel — A suburban man shared how his daughter and her family are stuck in the Gaza-strip.

Hundreds of airstrikes have been sent to the Gaza strip, leaving thousands of civilians left dead, injured or missing.

John Rauschenberger joins WGN Morning News to share that his daughter, her husband and their four children were stopping over in Gaza when the chaos broke and have been stuck since.

“The U.S. State Department has no plan to help evacuate Americans in Gaza,” Rauschenberger said.

Humanitarian groups pleaded for the creation of corridors to get aid into Gaza and warned that hospitals overwhelmed with wounded people were running out of supplies.

Israel has stopped entry of food, fuel and medicines into Gaza, and the sole remaining access from Egypt shut down Tuesday after airstrikes hit near the border crossing.

“Egypt has opened up the Rafah border but Israel will not allow anyone to leave and keep bombing it,” he said.

Rauschenberger says there is work being done to get Americans out of Israel but not Gaza.

He also said his daughter is able to charge her phone when they get electricity for about an hour a day.

“To Israel’s credit, they alert them one hour in advanced that we will be bombing this specific area, so they have moved three times,” Rauschenberger said.

Rauschenberger said he is hoping and praying Israel stops bombing the border and allows Egypt to accept refugees.