CHICAGO — The Chicago Teachers Union is set to elect new leadership on Friday as the nation’s third-largest teacher’s union looks to settle on a leader for the next three years.

Approximately 25,000 members are voting on Friday on the union’s top four positions: President, Vice President, Financial Secretary and Recording Secretary.

Current President Jesse Sharkey is not seeking reelection to the union’s top position.

There are three caucuses running slates in Friday’s election, with each caucus serving a similar function to a political party.

Stacy Davis-Gates is the current Vice President of the union and the candidate for the incumbent “Core” caucus.

Mary Esposito-Usterbowski is the candidate for the “Members First” caucus, whereas Darnell Dowd is the candidate for the newly-formed “Real” caucus.

Schools continue to deal with the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact it has had on the union’s relationship with Chicago Public Schools and the mayor’s office.

The winner of Friday’s elections face a significant challenge in rebuilding a relationship with city leaders.

“Whichever slate prevails, they will have to balance both defending the interests of teachers with the larger district goals articulated by the mayor and CPS and it isn’t so clear that one or the other slate can walk away from either objective,” University of Illinois professor Dr. Robert Bruno said.

Winners of Friday’s elections will take office on July 1.