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CHICAGO — The CTA is announcing new security measures at all of its rail stations. The announcement comes just days after a man was violently attacked on the Red Line.

The CTA has tried a number of things to get a handle on the violence on the train.

On Sunday, a group of people approached a man on the Red Line near 95th Street. They reached into his pockets and robbed him. One of the suspects then hit the man on the head with a wine bottle, drawing blood.

There is now a reward to help catch the two suspects seen in the video, that was recorded by a witness.

The CTA has been working with the Chicago Police Department to try and increase safety on trains. Both agencies say they have added patrols of both officers and unarmed security workers as well as K9 units to ride the trains.

Teshaun Terry, who recorded the incident, said she never saw anything like that in her life before. She said she relies on the train and so far, hasn’t noticed any real changes in terms of safety.

“I wanted people to be aware of how dangerous it is riding the CTA at night,” she said. “Like there’s no one to protect anyone.”

In another step to try and increase safety throughout it’s train system, the CTA says it has finished installing cameras in each attendant booths at all 146 rail stations. The cameras would not have captured the attack last Sunday morning but each booth will now have a monitor that offers live feeds from that stations security cameras, which will allow them to see what’s happening in real time.

Police released photos of two suspects they believe attacked a man on a CTA Red Line train. (Chicago Police Department)