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EVANSTON, Ill. — Emergency crews removed a body from Lake Michigan in Evanston Saturday night hours after a man went missing while swimming.

The Evanston Fire Department said they discovered the 21-year-old man was missing only after crews saved three other people from the rough waters earlier in the afternoon.

Police received a call around 1 p.m. Saturday for people struggling in the water at at Clark Street Beach.

Witnesses told WGN News initially it was a mother and daughter in distress in the water and a Good Samaritan on the beach entered the lake to help. Emergency teams were able to pull all three out of the water and they were taken to the hospital.

Initially it was believed a fourth person entered the water to help but did not come back out. When crews were clearing the scene from the rescue, they discovered clothes and an ID on the beach that did not belong to anyone at the beach or involved in the first emergency event.

A spokesperson for the city of Evanston said the 21-year-old man is not related to that rescue and that he went in separate from the three people.

Security footage showed the man going in and not resurfacing, the spokesperson said.

The man’s friends gathered at Clark Street Beach. They said his family was waiting at the police station.

The 21-year-old man has been identified as Hussin Abdul-Samad of Chicago.

Multiple agencies including a helicopter searched the water. Dive crews also used sonar equipment.

Of the three people taken to the hospital, Evanston fire officials said the mother was transported in critical condition. The daughter and the man were transported in good condition.

Beaches are closed for the season. Swimming was not allowed at the beach but many people were in the water.