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CHICAGO — Parents of CPS students who were told their SAT scores no longer count due to a booklet error have asked the US Department of Education to intervene.

In late July, nearly 800 Chicago Public Schools students were told they were given the wrong SAT booklet this past spring, rendering their scores invalid.

CPS blamed Lincoln Park High School, Bogan Computer Technical High School, Gwendolyn Brooks College Prep and Benito Juarez Community Academy for the error.

“Just when you thought they couldn’t get any more incompetent, there comes up something else,” said CPS parent William Quinlan.

So Quinlan decided, on behalf of CPS parents affected by the mistake, to ask the U.S. Department of Education to intervene. The College Board has refused to accept the test scores due to students receiving the same booklet on the second date of testing as those who sat for the SAT on the first day.

Lincoln Park high schooler Kate Hansen said studying for the test in the middle of the pandemic was already a stressful experience.

“I took an eight-week studying and tutoring course, and it was about four hours every Saturday morning,” she said.

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