CHICAGO — One in a series of community meetings meant to update the public on the progress of the new campuses at the former Urban Prep Academy took place Monday evening.

Two Urban Prep Academy schools are under transition — one in Englewood and one in Bronzeville — after they lost an appeal to have their charter status renewed last month.

Since then, meetings like the one held Monday, have been held to hear community input.

“We’re going to work between now and maybe December to actually come up with the final ideas,” said CPS Executive Director of Marketing Courtney Hill during the meeting. “The name, the mascot, the logo, the look, the feel, the color – things that kind of go into it.”

For the time being, CPS officials said the school will go by the name of ‘Bronzeville-Englewood High School.’

Through a process of community input, voting and a final sign off from the principal and the advisory council, a name will be officially selected and it must follow certain criteria, like not being named after a living person, and it must have made a significant contribution to society.

“Once the name is approved, the name is stuck for 10 years,” said Rachel Parnell, from the CPS Office of Equity. “So, we want to be very intentional in the name that we chose. Again, the name does not have to be a person.”

School district organizers said questions that were submitted during Monday’s meeting will be answered and posted on the district’s website.

The next community input meetings are scheduled for June 26 and July 17, both being from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.