CHICAGO —  A national bus driver shortage kept a Chicago girls softball team from attending the city playoff games last week.

The Hancock College Prep Soaring Eagles were told Chicago Public Schools didn’t have an available bus driver to get them to the playoffs. This caused the team to forfeit the game. 

After the incident, Alyssa Lopez, a junior at Hancock College Prep, wrote a letter to CPS administrators explaining the impact the bus shortage is having on the team and students. She also posted the letter on Twitter.

“I started introducing myself and then I wrote this is a bigger issue rather than just Hancock because it’s been happening on and on,” Lopez said. “CPS will continue to ignore it unless something actually gets made about it.”

The letter received reaction on social media from students and parents who say without bus drivers, students are left with few options to get to games due to strict safety guidelines by CPS. 

“Our parents couldn’t carpool us because CPS has a huge liability insurance,” Lopez said. “Nobody at our school could cover that insurance.”

In a statement to WGN, CPS said it is short 211 drivers right now and has had to prioritize academics over sports. 

The statement reads, “We are sorry to hear whenever a school must forfeit a game for any reason, but particularly due to a lack of transportation. We remain committed to finding ways to address the national bus driver shortage.“

While the chances at a city playoff are off the table, the Soaring Eagles are hoping to make it to the state playoffs in a few weeks.