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CHICAGO — While classes have been canceled for a third consecutive day as a dispute over COVID-19 precautions between CPS and CTU continues, student athletes at some schools are getting back to competing.

It’s a school-by-school decision however, with lack of staffing and resources playing a significant impact.

For Taft High School senior and college wrestling hopeful Colin Roque, a chance to be city champion means the world in 2022.

“This is his senior year. This is his last chance,” Kristi Roque, Colin’s mother said.

Teams across the city have been facing a mid-season shutdown with classes having been canceled for three of the first five days of the semester. Thursday, the district announced sports can resume as long as schools have enough staffing and coaches.

It was a relief for many teams heading into this weekend, with athletes aspiring to play in college having the chance to be scouted at upcoming tournaments.

According to the Illinois High School Association, there are currently no restrictions on sports, including sports designated as high-risk, despite the current surge in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations.

For Kristi Roque, it’s about fighting to have as normal of a year as possible, in and out of the classroom.

“Please look at how they’re truly affecting kids’ lives and what they’re taking away from them. Tremendously hard on these kids,” Roque said.