CPS announces new recommendations for grading, graduation in pandemic

Chicago News

CHICAGO — With in-person classes canceled for the rest of the year, Chicago Public Schools officials said Thursday they have a new plan to try to make sure students don’t lose ground with their academic standing because of circumstances out of their control.  

While many families are trying to adjust to the realities of remote learning, CPS announced changes to grading, graduation requirements and the promotion policy.

The district is recommending the Board of Education approve a plan that would allow all elementary school students to be promoted to the next grade level in the fall.

Fourth quarter work will be graded, but students won’t receive a grade lower than what they got last quarter. And, if their grade drops, they would earn a pass or an incomplete.

For high schoolers, the district says students whose grades drop will not see an impact on their GPAs. They could earn a pass with credit or an incomplete with opportunity for credit recovery to meet graduation requirements.

Some non-credit bearing requirements like service learning will be waived.

The district says elementary students who receive incompletes could be prioritized for summer school, if summer school is held this year. There is no decision on that yet.


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