CPD Supt. Brown calls meeting with President Biden on gun violence ‘significant’

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CHICAGO — Chicago’s police superintendent provided an update Tuesday after meeting with President Biden on the city’s gun violence.

Supt. David Brown called Monday’s White House talks significant, and said there were action items and there will be follow-up.  

Back from Washington, D.C., Supt. Brown said he secured resources and commitments from the Biden administration. He met with U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland and then later President Biden.

“There was an agreement that there must be real consequences for serious crimes,” Brown said. “We discussed both short-term and long-term solutions.”

The meeting with the president was supposed to last an hour, but ending up running two hours long. 

Brown said there was an emphasis amongst the group of stopping the flow of illegal guns into American cities is key to solving some of the city’s violent crimes.

“In the coming days, we will be rolling out some of our strategy of the strike force and gun trafficking investigative strategies,” Brown said.

Brown is doubling down on his criticism of the criminal justice system, once again arguing that too many violent suspects are released back on the streets endangering the community and fueling gun violence.

“It’s madness,” he said. “It’s making us all less safe.”

Brown opened up about his meeting with the president and the men and women on the front lines of America’s violent crime surge. 

The superintendent said there was a shared vision amongst the group about the need to have a sense of urgency. Public safety and community building and reinvestment were also discussed. There was consensus that those two go hand-in-hand.

On Tuesday, addressing reporters, Brown also spoke about the brazen killing of Londre Sylvester, who was gunned down shortly after his release from the Cook County Jail over the weekend.

“They left behind 59 fire shells casings. It’s a miracle that the two women, one accompanying Sylvester, the other just an innocent bystander, not associated with him at all, it’s miraculous that they weren’t shot and killed as well,” Brown said. “Keeping violent offenders in jail longer will reduce violent crime in Chicago.”

Alderwoman Janette Taylor (20th Ward) said the problem is not the criminal justice system, it’s Brown’s public safety strategy.

“What strategy? I wasn’t informed of a strategy,” Taylor said. “Until we have all hands on deck, nothing we ever do will work. We need to make sure that we’re funding the right thing. Funding the police ain’t never worked. Explain to me why the head cop in charge would make a decision without making it with all of us. And so nothing he does is going to work. The citizens in this city have the answers, community organizations, churches, violence prevention. We are the people who have the answer.”

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