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CHICAGO — As the unofficial end of summer is drawing close, Chicago police outlined a number of safety plans to try to mitigate violence during Labor Day weekend.

CPD Superintendent David Brown delivered updates in a press conference Friday afternoon, first announcing that CPD was not canceling days off or extending hours as part of the holiday weekend operations.

Brown stated the reason for this was to be respectful and aware of officers’ wellness and the issue of fatigue, in a difficult year coupled with the murder of officer Ella French last month.

However, Brown outlined a number of measures at the press conference, announcing work with community outreach partners, elected officials and other groups to work to curb violence during the next few days.

The department plans to put a focus on parks, where large gatherings are likely, although each district will have a strategic approach in policing the areas they feel are in the most need.

In the 11th District, the emphasis will be placed on the area surrounding the Garfield Park Conservatory, following complaints of large gatherings and incidences of nearby shootings.

As of Monday, the city has seen a 9 percent increase in shootings citywide in 2021 compared to 2020.