COOK COUNTY, Ill. — Convicted felons and abusers are still able to buy ammunition in Illinois despite having their gun permits revoked according to Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart, and he wants to close that legal loophole.

Dart announced renewed efforts to change state law at a Monday press conference where he was joined by State Representative La Shawn Ford and State Senator Jacqueline Collins. Dart brought up previously proposed legislation which would require a purchaser of ammunition to have a valid firearm owners identification card.

According to sheriff’s numbers, in Cook County alone, nearly 20,000 revoked FOID cards have yet to be turned in. 

“We’re just saying if you’re legally able to buy a gun you’re able to legally buy ammunition,” Ford said.

Ford, a likely candidate for Chicago mayor and state senator Jacqui Collins, who’s running for Congress, are those sponsoring the legislation in Springfield.

“Better regulating ammunition sales would have no impact on law-abiding gun owners,” Collins said.

The Illinois Rifle Association argues the legislation is duplication. Retailers already check FOID card status online. 

Richard Pearson is the group’s executive director.

“It’s designed to make it harder for law-abiding citizens to buy ammunition,” he said. “They open up the state police portal, put in your FOID card number and your birthday and it’ll come up approved or not approved. And once that happens, they can sell you the ammunition.”

Dart maintains the loophole exists and needs to be closed. 

“If we were to limit the ability of people who should be nowhere near guns to purchase ammunition it helps,” he said. “And that’s what we need right now … Not the rhetoric. Not the thoughts and prayers but things that will legitimately help. … And this will do it.”