CHICAGO — A community meeting is expected this week regarding Chicago’s plan to temporarily house migrants at a hostel in the city’s Greektown neighborhood.

Bill Conway, the alderman in the city’s 34th Ward alderman, says people who are seeking asylum will be moved into the Parthenon Guest House Friday.

The community meeting is Wednesday at the Merit School of Music.

In a letter to his ward, Conway said representatives from the police department, the Department of Family and Support Services, and the mayor’s office will be in attendance at the meeting.

“Though this is not my choice and I’m disappointed at the short notice of this plan, I understand our responsibility as a welcoming city to work together given the present situation,” the letter stated.

Conway told the Chicago Sun-Times up to 190 migrants are expected to stay at the shelter through next June with the possibility of an extension.

The hostel has been used to house migrants before.