CHICAGO — Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson is inching closer to naming the city’s next top cop.  

Sources tell WGN News that Johnson met with one of the superintendent candidates Monday at City Hall and has more meetings this week ahead of a final decision this weekend. 

The finalists are Larry Snelling and Angel Novalez, both high-ranking officials from within the Chicago Police Department, and Shon Barnes, police chief of Madison, Wisconsin.  

Two of the city’s most prominent anti-gun activists are urging Johnson to go with one of the men already on the force. 

“I’m hoping and praying it’s somebody from Chicago,” said Father Michael Pfleger. 

“It’s very important that whoever the superintendent, is they know Chicago inside and out, they speak Chicago and they feel Chicago,” said Donavan Price, a street pastor who shows up at multiple shooting scenes weekly. 

Pfleger, of St. Sabina Church, says former police superintendent David Brown, from Dallas, did not have a rapport with rank-and-file officers or the community. 

“We need to have somebody who knows the city and we need to have somebody who’s coming in with a plan and with a strategy. We’ve been lacking that under the last superintendent,” Pfleger said.  

Price said he knows both department insiders. 

“Snelling is a hardcore Chicago police officer, respected by a lot of people. I don’t think that he’ll have a problem hitting the ground running,” he said. “Novalez is a little more tactical or a little more finesse. One would be Barkley and the other would be Jordan. But they’re both great players. Right now, I think it may be a little more time for a hard-nosed type of superintendent because we’ve got a situation that kind of has the citizens up against a wall right now and so you need somebody that’s willing to break down walls.” 

Price and Pfleger praised interim CPD Superintendent Fred Waller as the mayor decided. 

“He’s doing a lot.,” Price said.  

“Every police officer I’ve spoken with Black, white and brown after Fred came in was like ‘so glad he’s there,’” Pfleger added. 

Once Johnson picks finalists, an offer will be extended. If accepted, Johnson will then submit his pick to City Council for final approval.