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CHICAGO — A vehicle that Community Activist Andrew Holmes was driving was struck by a CTA bus that ran a red light on the city’s South Side, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Police say the CTA bus was heading north on King Drive around 2:45 p.m. Wednesday, when the driver ran a red light at the intersection of 51st Street.

The Tribune reports the impact pushed 61-year-old Holmes’ vehicle, a Ford cargo van, into a Jeep.

The 63-year-old female driver of the Jeep was transported to University of Chicago Medical Center with minor injuries. Holmes went on his own to a hospital with a sore shoulder.

The activist says he was on his way to deliver Easter basket supplies before the accident.

“Next thing I know, the van was spent around,” Holmes said. “The bus was coming that fast. It spent the van around.”

Holmes told the Tribune that his light was green when he entered the intersection and that officers at the scene said camera footage showed the driver ran a red light. Following the accident, Holmes stayed with his van because he was concerned about leaving all the items meant for the Easter baskets.

“I had a lot of product, Easter baskets, a lot of candy in that van – over $2,000 worth,” he said. “Not saying everyone is bad, but I know if I would’ve went to that hospital, Easter would have been gone for those kids. Easter would’ve been gone.”

Holmes says despite the lingering effects of the crash, he still plans to drop off baskets for the Easter giveaway on Sunday.

“I have to get my rotor cuff checked. Hoping I don’t have a hairline fracture,” Holmes said. “I’ve got a lot of swelling. That’s where I’m at right now. Just in a lot of pain.” 

Police say they have not cited the driver of the CTA bus. The accident is being investigated.