CHICAGO — The Lightfoot administration’s monuments committee recommended to permanently store away the two Christopher Columbus statues formerly located in Grant and Arrigo parks, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

In 2020, the statues were removed after violent protests in wake of George Floyd’s murder.

Now, the 30-member panel has recommended to keep the Columbus statues permanently away plus a removal of the Balbo Monument.

“I’m asking (Lightfoot) to reject it,” 38th Ward Ald. Nick Sposato said.

38th Ward Ald. Nick Sposato, who was on the committee, said he doesn’t know if a final decision has been reached yet. But he and other Italian Americans said Mayor Lightfoot made them a promise she’d find a compromise solution.

“So you had 3 of us that were not history revisionists. The other 27 were,” he said. “I feel this was a biased committee.”

Supporters of the removal point to Columbus’ brutal treatment of native Americans.

But Italian Americans point to other scholars who say the legendary explorer is getting a bad rap.

“The removal of the Christopher Columbus statues and the impending removal of the Balbo Monument is something deeply hurtful to us,” said Ron Onesti with the Joint Civic Committee of Italian Americans. “And an insult to our heritage and contributions to this great city.”

The Mayor’s Office sent the following statement.

“The City’s efforts throughout this process have not been about a single statue or mural, but about creating a formal process that will reflect our values and elevate our rich history and diversity. Since the launch of the Chicago Monuments Project, the project has engaged thousands of individuals through the website — and dozens of virtual and in-person neighborhood programs were hosted by committee members, national experts, and local community organizations. There will be a report of the committee’s findings once it’s finalized. Ensuring that our city’s symbols represent inclusivity and uplift the stories of Chicago remain paramount.”