CHICAGO — Chicago City Council approved a $51 million proposal Wednesday to help with the growing costs of the city’s migrant crisis.

The vote was 34 “yes” and 13 “no.”

More than 8,000 migrants have been bussed to Chicago from Texas since August.

Around 800 migrants are sleeping in police stations across the city.

The $51 million is money the city received from opioid and vapor court settlements. One alderperson said it would only last about two months.

“I’m conflicted because in my heart I know what’s right,” Ald. Jeanette Taylor said. “I know it’s right to want to help other people cause as Black people, that’s what we do. But when the h**l are y’all gon’ help us?”

Although the money will only last through June and other communities must wait to see new investments, some members urged their colleagues to be pragmatic about their vote.

“What are we listening to today is historical and generation trauma, decades and centuries of disinvestment in our Black communities,” Ald. Jesse Fuentes said.

Ald. Maria Hadden said everybody who is working hard for the aid needs to show up for Black Chicagoans with the “same energy.”

Ald. Raymond Lopez opposed the measure saying millions have already been spent supporting the migrants.

“Nobody wants to ask the question that Jerry Maguire made so famous, ‘show me the money,'” Lopez said. “Where is it?”

Last week, protestors packed the hallways outside the council chamber and their chants could be heard inside.

Many demonstrating said the city should not be prioritizing migrants when so many communities have dealt with decades of disinvestment and lack of affordable housing.

Johnson addressed those concerns after last week’s meeting.

It was his first city council meeting as mayor.