CHICAGO — Chicago’s shelter system is bursting at the seams and now the mayor wants to open the old South Shore High School to newly arriving migrants.

Hundreds of residents gathered at a meeting Thursday evening to hear from city leaders on a plan to move the migrants.

“I think that’s what’s important is that we establish this is a humanitarian crisis,” Nubia Willman, the chief engagement officer for the mayor’s office said.

Members of Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s administration were supposed to give a presentation but were interrupted by angry outbursts.

One question from residents was how many asylum seekers would be housed at the old high school.

“We are looking at a phased approach using first floor only, you can fit up to 250 to 500,” Kayla Levere, with the Department of Family and Support Services, said.

Police said officers would be at the location 24/7.

The city said it must identify respite sites to relieve police stations where 300 migrants are currently living.

“I think it would be very fair for every homeless immigrant that you bring in, scoop up one of the homeless individuals in our community,” one resident said. “I think that would be fair that you also provide that bed, that shower, that meal.”

Newly elected 5th Ward Ald. Desmon Yancy, like many of his constituents, are upset about the mayor’s plan to house migrants at the school.

Like when asylum seekers were moved to Wadsworth Elementary School in Woodlawn in February, residents said they were given little notice or input.

“We felt like because of what happened at Wadsworth, there would be more conversations from the mayor’s office about how the community could be involved in this conversation and here we are again repeating the same mistakes from last time,” Yancy said.

LaVonte Stewart Sr. runs a youth sports non-profit called Lost Boyz and hoped the old school could be used as a community co-op and small business incubator after the contract for a police academy that has been operating out of the building expired.

The school was one of many shuttered by the Rahm Emanuel administration in 2014.

“Rahm Emanuel hasn’t listened, Lori Lightfoot hasn’t listened,” Stewart said. “Then there’s this position they’re going to come in and dictate to us.”

On Wednesday, Chicago Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson said school closings are traumatic.

“School closings are very traumatic, pain anguish that was caused still is a hardship so I don’t want to be responsible for any type of re-triggering of that trauma,” Johnson said.