CHICAGO The Chicago City Council voted during a special session Monday to approve a new ward map.

A compromise was reached in the matter last week after months of debate, facing a May 19 deadline to avoid a referendum in June.

Then, it would be up to voters to decide between competing maps, something that has not happened since the aftermath of the 1990 Census.

During the special session, the map was approved with 86 percent of the votes, 43 to 7.

The new ward map has 16 Black-majority wards and 14 Latino-majority wards, one fewer than the Latino caucus had proposed.

Over the last few months, the Latino and Black caucuses had been pitted against each other in the fight to redraw the lines. But the biggest rift was within the Black Caucus itself as Ald. Anthony Beale aligned himself with the Latino Caucus, and then got shut out.

“I guess I’m one of the few that’s not part of the kumbaya club, huh?” Beale said.

The 11th ward would become the city’s first Asian-majority ward.

The map is based on the results of the 2020 Census, which showed the city’s declining Black population contrasting with an increasing Latino and Asian population.

The vote Monday avoids the matter being left up to voters via a referendum.

The city’s Black population fell by 10 percent, while the Latino population increased by five percent and the Asian majority increased by 30 percent.